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What is digital caricature and what are the advantages?

Nowadays, digital art is entering our daily lives and is gradually replacing the classical methods of drawing. For this reason, digital caricatures are becoming more and more popular and preferred by many caricaturists and fans. One of the major advantages of digital drawing is that even after the caricature is ready, the artist could still make changes such as changing the color of the clothes, adding new details and more. This is not possible with watercolor or pastel caricatures, therefore lots of artists and clients prefer the digital drawing.

Are the digital caricatures hand-drawn?

Yes, they are. Just like pastel or watercolor caricatures the digital caricatures are also hand-drawn. The difference is in the instruments that the artists use.

For pastel caricatures - they use paper and pastels. For the digital caricatures - they use a digital tablet and a digital pen which create the magic.

How long does it take to draw a caricature?

The standard drawing time in peak season is about 7 to 9 days. We also offer express drawing - 1 to 7 days.

Please have in mind that the express drawing is additionally charged: 

  • Standard drawing 5+ days - Free
  • Express drawing from 2 to 4 days - A$19
  • Express drawing for up to 2 days - A$29
  • Express drawing for 24 hours - A$39

The drawing time starts after we receive a final confirmation of your idea and photos that are suitable for drawing a caricature.

How much does it cost?


We have designed a cool page about our prices. You can see them here:

How to choose the best photos for a caricature?

For your convenience, we have made short instructions for you to see here:


What sizes do you offer?

We offer different sizes depending on your needs and our standarts for sizes according to the characters in the caricature.

20x30 (8"x12")  40x50 (16"x20")  45x60 (18"x24")  60x90 (24"x36")  67x100 (27"x 40")

These are the smallest possible sizes depending on the number of characters:

1 Character - 20x30 (8"x12")

2 Characters - 40x50 (16"x20")

3 Characters - 40x50 (16"x20")

4 Characters - 40x50 (16"x20")

5 Characters - 40x50 (16"x20")

6+ Characters - 40x50 (16"x20")

You can always order a larger size if you need it bigger!

Could you create a caricature entirely from my idea?

The caricatures are a personalized present and we can create them entirely from your idea.

I want to order a caricature but I still have no idea what I want.

If you want to order a caricature, but you have no idea how it should look, we would be happy to help you.

I have found something that I like on your website or elsewhere on the Internet. How do I send it?

If you have found something that you want (no matter if it is on our website or elsewhere on the Internet) or you want some particular details to be included in the caricature, we advise you to send us photos.

Does the price depend on the idea?

Yes, the price depend on the idea. You can easily follow the options in the order form and calculate the price depending on what you want to be drawn on the caricature!