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Drawing & Delivery

We, the team of Caricature24, know that happy occasions can’t be put on hold while waiting for the perfect gift. That's why we offer super fast, express caricature drawing from a photo in just 24 hours*.


The standard drawing time in peak season is around 5 to 7 days. We complete the orders faster, if possible, and we keep in mind your desired date for delivery. 

We also offer express drawing from 1 to 4 days.** 

  • Standard drawing 5+ days - Free
  • Еxpress drawing from 2 to 4 days - A$19
  • Еxpress drawing for up to 2 days - A$29
  • Еxpress drawing for 24 hours - A$39



We specialize in drawing caricatures by hand. By default we send the digital file to the customer to print it in a local print shop. 

In order to provide an all around service for our clients we also offer the option for printing the finished artwork. 

We work with third parties to offer high quality printing and shipping. Because of that the printing service is paid separately.

We offer printing on canvas or poster and you can check the prices here:

Note that this is an additional solution that we offer and not the main focus of our business model. We specialize in creating hand-drawn caricatures from photos. As a result the main product that our customers are paying for is the drawing service itself. The outcome of which is a high quality digital file that every customer receives by email. 

Professional artwork and quality are and have always been our priority. Because of that we guarantee great results. We will go the extra mile just to be sure that you will get the most beautiful caricature in the shortest possible time.

Every caricature from Caricature24 is 100% hand-drawn by professional artists that use digital tablets, so you can enjoy the colorful details of the artwork. That way you will receive an entirely hand-drawn work of art in the vividness of the digital colors.


* Express drawing for 24 hours is valid for delivery of the digital file only. The drawing time starts when we receive final confirmation of your idea and photos that are suitable for drawing a caricature.

**The drawing time starts when we receive final confirmation of your idea and photos that are suitable for caricature drawing.